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Moxa Rugged Ethernet

We offer integrated industrial Ethernet solutions and devices to fit any type of application. These Moxa Ethernet applications are specialized around unifying the convergence of automation networks that include wireless, wired and security connectivity into a single integrated architecture. These rugged Ethernet-centric solutions provide reliable, redundant and secure Ethernet connectivity for visually managed, plant-wide integration.

Our industrial grade Ethernet solutions provide you with rugged Ethernet switches, wireless LAN, fully secure routers, industrial grade Ethernet gateways and visualized network management. Some of the technologies utilized to produce this world-class functionality include self-healing recovery in a matter of milliseconds, total network security, easy-to-use operation and intelligent industrial automation that's been proven reliable in thousands of successful applications. You'll find more than 700 different products in this Industrial Ethernet Category, ranging from basic brackets and wall mounting kits to 20-port Layer 3 managed Ethernet switches. Free shipping on orders of $99 or more.

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DB44 Bracket Accessory Package

Our Price: $4.00

0.6g x 2 dry pack with sticker

Our Price: $4.00

15g dry pack with Hook-and-loop fastener

Our Price: $4.00
WK-30 WK-30

Wall mounting kit for EDS-205A

Our Price: $8.00
WK-35-01 WK-35-01

WK-35-01 Wall Mount Kit Accessory

Our Price: $8.00
DK-UP1200 DK-UP1200

1 pc of DIN Rail 25x48.3mm with 2 screws (FMS M3X6)

Our Price: $9.00
DK-UP1400 DK-UP1400

DIN Rail / Wall Mount Kit: 2 pcs of plate, 6 screws and 2 pcs of DIN Rail plate, 4 screws

Our Price: $9.00
WK-46 WK-46

Wall Mounting Kit

Our Price: $10.00
WK-35-04 WK-35-04

Wall Mount Kit with 2 pcs of plates, 6 screws

Our Price: $10.00
WK-46-01 WK-46-01

Wall Mounting Kit

Our Price: $10.00
WK-30-02 WK-30-02

Wall-mounting kit, 2 plates, 4 screws, 30 x 66.8 x 2 mm

Our Price: $10.00
DK-UC-5000 DK-UC-5000

Din-Rail mounting kit with screws

Our Price: $14.00
DK-M12-305 DK-M12-305

DIN Rail kit for EDS-305-M12

Our Price: $15.00
AVK-17 AVK-17

Anti-Vibration Wiring Kit for EDS-600 series modular DIN-Rail Ethernet Switches

Our Price: $15.00
M12A-5P-IP68 M12A-5P-IP68

Field-installable A-coded screw-in sensor connector, female

Our Price: $19.00
M12D-4P-IP68 M12D-4P-IP68

Field-installable D-coded screw-in sensor connector, male

Our Price: $19.00
WK-51-01 WK-51-01

Wall-mounting kit, 51mm wide

Our Price: $19.00
WK-90-01 WK-90-01

Wall mount kit for ioLogik E1500 series

Our Price: $20.00
WK-75 WK-75

Wall Mounting Kit for EDS-600 series modular DIN-Rail Ethernet Switches

Our Price: $22.00

TRC-190 DIN-Rail Accessory Package V1.0

Our Price: $25.00
CBL-M12(FF5P)/OPEN-100 IP67 CBL-M12(FF5P)/OPEN-100 IP67

1-meter M12-to-5-pin power cable with waterproof 5-pin A-coded M12 connector

Our Price: $25.00
CBL-M12D(MM4P)/RJ45-100 IP67 CBL-M12D(MM4P)/RJ45-100 IP67

1-meter M12-to-RJ45 Cat-5E UTP Ethernet cable with waterproof 4-pin D-coded M12 connector

Our Price: $25.00
WK-32 WK-32

Wall Mounting Kit

Our Price: $29.00
LM-7000H-DMY LM-7000H-DMY

LM-7000H Dummy Module 3PCS

Our Price: $30.00
DK-TN-5308 DK-TN-5308

DIN-Kit for TN-5308 Series

Our Price: $35.00
CBL-M12(FF5P)/Open-150 IP67 CBL-M12(FF5P)/Open-150 IP67

Phoenix Contact 4-pin female A-coded M12-Open power cable, 1.5 meter, IP67-rated

Our Price: $35.00
CBL-M12(FF5P)/Open-300 IP67 CBL-M12(FF5P)/Open-300 IP67

Phoenix Contact 4-pin female A-coded M12-Open power cable, 3 meter, IP67-rated

Our Price: $39.00
USB Dongle Kit USB Dongle Kit

USB Dongle Accessory Package

Our Price: $40.00
WK-195 WK-195

Wall Mounting Kit for PT-7710 series modular  Ethernet Switches

Our Price: $50.00

Phoenix Contact 4-pin female A-coded M12-Open power cable, 1.5 meter, IP67-rated

Our Price: $50.00