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Moxa Power Accessories

The convergence, alignment and integration of IT and OT has led to a digital transformation that plays a significant role in today's industrial and manufacturing markets. In order to keep integrating devices working appropriately, the use of specialized I/O accessories and various Moxa power supplies is needed. Find Moxa adapters, power cords, plugs and additional computing accessories at Mid-Atlantic Rugged Systems.

Some of the various Moxa power supplies we offer include power cords and power plugs (U.S., Euro and CN), including those with US/JP plugs, and a variety of other power supplies with universal inputs capable of accepting power inputs from 85 to 264 VAC. These accessories are ruggedized and capable of operating in temperatures ranging from -10°C to 70°C. With the world’s leading equipment, you’re able to get your devices networked quickly and efficiently. With Moxa hardware accessories, you can achieve greater productivity.

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PWC-C7CN-2B-183 PWC-C7CN-2B-183

Power Cord (PWC-C7CN-2B-183)

Our Price: $5.00
PWR-Plug-AU-01 PWR-Plug-AU-01

Power Plug, Plug type:AU

Our Price: $5.00
PWR-Plug-EU-01 PWR-Plug-EU-01

Power Plug, Plug type:EU

Our Price: $5.00
PWR-Plug-UK-01 PWR-Plug-UK-01

Power Plug, Plug type:UK

Our Price: $5.00
PWR-Plug-USJP-01 PWR-Plug-USJP-01

Power Plug, Plug type:USJP

Our Price: $5.00
PWC-C7EU-2B-183 PWC-C7EU-2B-183

Power Cord Euro Plug

Our Price: $9.00
PWC-C7UK-2B-183 PWC-C7UK-2B-183

Power Cord British Plug

Our Price: $9.00
PWC-C7US-2B-183 PWC-C7US-2B-183

Power Cord USA Straight Plug

Our Price: $9.00
PWC-C13EU-3B-183 PWC-C13EU-3B-183


Our Price: $15.00
PWC-C13UK-3B-183 PWC-C13UK-3B-183


Our Price: $15.00
PWC-C13US-3B-183 PWC-C13US-3B-183


Our Price: $15.00
PWR-12042-EU-S1 PWR-12042-EU-S1

ADP/SW 12V/0.42A EU 5.5/2.1/9.0/90D

Our Price: $15.00
PWR-12042-UK-S1 PWR-12042-UK-S1

ADP/SW 12V/0.42A UK 5.5/2.1/9.0/90D CE

Our Price: $15.00
PWR-12042-EU-S2 PWR-12042-EU-S2

100-240 VAC input, 0.42A@12 VDC output, TUV, CE, EU Plug

Our Price: $19.00
PWR-05080-US-L1 PWR-05080-US-L1

120 VAC input,  0.8A@5 VDC output, UL, US Plug

Our Price: $25.00
PWR-05100-US-S1 PWR-05100-US-S1

100-240 VAC input, 1A@5 VDC output, UL, TUV, US Plug

Our Price: $25.00
PWR-05200-US-S1 PWR-05200-US-S1

100-240 VAC input, 2A@5 VDC output, UL, PSE, US Plug

Our Price: $25.00
PWR-05250-US-S1 PWR-05250-US-S1

ADP GPSA0500250 UL/PSE 100-240Vac 5V2.5A

Our Price: $25.00
PWR-12050-WPCN-S1 PWR-12050-WPCN-S1

PWR-12050-WPCN-S1 Adaptor w/CN Plug

Our Price: $25.00
PWR-12125-USJP-S1 PWR-12125-USJP-S1

12V, 1.25A, 5.5/2.1/9.5/90D, US/JP Plug

Our Price: $25.00
PWR-12125-WPAU-S1 PWR-12125-WPAU-S1

Non-locking barrel plug, 12VDC 1.25A, 100-240VAC with AU Plug, 0 to 40C

Our Price: $25.00
PWR-12125-WPCN-S1 PWR-12125-WPCN-S1

Non-locking barrel plug, 12VDC 1.25A, 100-240VAC with CN Plug, 0 to 40C

Our Price: $25.00
PWR-12125-WPEU-S1 PWR-12125-WPEU-S1

Non-locking barrel plug, 12VDC 1.25A, 100-240VAC with EU Plug, 0 to 40C

Our Price: $25.00
PWR-12125-WPUK-S1 PWR-12125-WPUK-S1

Non-locking barrel plug, 12VDC 1.25A, 100-240VAC with UK Plug, 0 to 40C

Our Price: $25.00

Non-locking barrel plug, 12VDC 1.25A, 100-240VAC with USJP Plug, 0 to 40C

Our Price: $25.00
PWR-12050-WPUK-S1 PWR-12050-WPUK-S1

12V 0.5A, 5.5/2.1/7.5, w/Nut, w/UK Plug

Our Price: $29.00

12V 0.5A, 5.5/2.1/7.5, w/Nut, w/USJP Plug

Our Price: $29.00
RTC Battery Kit RTC Battery Kit

Lithium battery with built-in connector for easy replacement

Our Price: $29.00
PWR-12050-WPEU-S1 PWR-12050-WPEU-S1

Locking barrel plug, 12VDC 0.5A, 100-240VAC with Continental European (EU) Plug, 0 to 40C

Our Price: $29.00
PWR-12200-DT-S1 PWR-12200-DT-S1

ADP/SW/D 12V/2A 5.5/2.1/7.5/180D w/Nut

Our Price: $35.00